bird watching

in order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence ~ robert lynd

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9 thoughts on “bird watching

  1. I forgot..thank you for posting to Nature Notes..I will leave you with something less sad…I have to take in the feeders at night because of raccoons. I heard a ruckus one night and looked out to see an angry raccoon dumping out one of the thistle feeders..I guess in protest as I left them up..I had to baffle them…didn’t happen again, but I think it was yelling at me…lol…Michelle

  2. This is so true..the quote..I was so upset today to find a little goldfinch that had hit our front door and was dead. That is the first window loss I have had in 3 years since I put up mylar windsocks, but not on the door.. darn it..I love these little guys…Michelle

i am thankful for any words of encouragement, i eagerly read each one, thank you in advance...

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